Aspire EVO75 Kit


The Atlantic evo has superior flavor and produces massive clouds of vape and the nx 75 mod has a unique and better battery installation system to the Pegasus and is smaller then the Pegasus so it fits really good in the palm of your hand nice and compact all together and vapes and taste just as well a the cleito all n all a must have kit for sub ohm vapor's I love mine

Date Added: 07/02/2017 by Tyler Brawley

I love this kit the flavor is superb the atlantis evo as expected with the Clapton coils the NX 75 Z mod feels very sturdy and as a good weight to it and is pretty sleek and a little smaller than other box mods wich is nice fits in palm of hand very well and the Atlantis EVO not only has great flavor but also hit's straight away and can produce some pretty massive clouds o and one more thing I love the battery insert function is awesome really cool and nice design before someone stole my Pegasus mod I had to wrap it with rubber band's to keep the battery latch from poping open so all n all I give this kit five stars and two thumbs up its a must have from aspire hope this helps someone one make up there mind if they want to get this if I were you I would I already did

Date Added: 06/29/2017 by Tyler Brawley