Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit

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Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Aspire brings you yet another great new mod and tank kit. Introducing the even more powerful, more up to date, Skystar Revvo kit. It’s a dual 18650, 210 watt mod with a 1.3 inch touch screen and the revolutionary Revvo tank. Aspire has broken the mold for a tank of this type and brings you an all new concept in coils, the flat Radial coil. A coil for great vapor production and excellent flavor. The tank itself comes in a TPD compliant 2ml version and a standard 3.6ml version. It has adjustable top airflow and is top fill, it is simplicity itself to fill, change coils and even replace the glass.

Kit Dimensions and Specifications

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

The tank comes in a TPD compliant 2ml version and a standard 3.6ml version.

Components view

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Easy maintenance Revvo tank

The Revvo tank is almost too easy to maintain, to disassemble and reassemble is merely unscrewing or screwing the various parts, the coil can be changed even when there is liquid in the tank.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

No one has yet produced such an innovative replaceable coil for an RTA tank until now, except of course, Aspire. The fantastic all new coil design, the ARC, ‘Aspire Radial Coil’ which sits horizontally in the tank similar to a ‘stove-top’ design. Of course the real trick in the design is the increased surface area of the coil for great flavor and great vapor production, made using Kanthal material and rated at 0.10-0.16ohm.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

The tank has adjustable top airflow with three large air inlets to enable full enjoyment of your favorite e-liquids.

Revvo Tank Filling

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Filling your new Revvo through the centre of the tank, in which sits a spring loaded filling tube. The spring of the tube is soft enough to allow even slight pressure from almost any type of bottle/glass dropper to open it, but strong enough to create a leak proof seal when released after filling.

Skystar Battery Installation

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Battery installation is almost foolproof, inside there are clearly marked battery orientation markings (+ and -) and of course a securely mounted battery removal tape. When inserting the batteries, turn off the mod. Open the back panel by inserting a fingernail into the slot at the bottom and pull off the battery cover.

Skystar Touch Screen

While the mod is on, swipe down the screen twice will take the mod into its menu interface, where you can adjust the settings to your liking :modes,data,system,Time,About

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Safety Features

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Skystar Mod Charging

The Skystar can also be charged via the Micro-USB port. When charging the screen will display 2 flashing battery icons, voltage level, charge current as well as charge time. The charging port can also be used to update the firmware.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Package Contains:
1* SkyStar mod / 1* Revvo tank / 2* Coils (0.10-0.16ohms) / 1* Glass tube / 10* O-rings
1* USB cable / 2* Warning cards / 1* User manual / 1* Warranty card / 1* Protective silicone cap

Customer Reviews

Does it make coffre ? ;-) Seriously, where can we choose the height ? I want the 3,7 ml Thanks !

Anne-noelle Deborne

I would love a chance to win this awesome SkyStar and Revvo kit and try it out! I have the Speeder mod- and it is wonderful ! This SkyStar looks like it will be even better! I love the finishes on these too and a swipe screen is so nice! Thank you for the contest!

Sharyn Howe

This has to be one of the best looking new kits to be released this year! Aspire has always released quality products and I'm sure this will be the same!

Rick Roy

Well im in love with this design. love thr rounded edges, looks stout but stunning . i love where the fire button is placed. its hard to actually see unless u know thats where it is LOVE THE COLORS. love the active screen love the screen size bold icons. thx aspire

Deanna Wiltrout

im new to aspire and i think that it is a great and easy mod to handle. top notch and great feel to it.

stevy geise

~Spzatak -- My previous purchase, and aspire evo75, has lasted me over a year now. To get a chance to try this new and wonderful product from a company I trust would be amazing, as I would then also be able to write a real review.

James Willyard

The Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit looks great, and with 5 colors to choose from. It looks like Skystar mod comes with a ton of features that I would expect to see, extra features that I'll probably never use, and new features I've never seen before. The Revvo tank sure is interesting mostly because if the new coil system, but the top air flow and super easy method to refill the tank sure caught my eye, this tank looks like a winner to me. And the best part about it is that it's made by Aspire.

Chad Harm

I actually own this. I bought it on its release date here in America for shippping. First let me say that aspire ships product the fastest that I have ever seen; even faster than places here in America. Once my order was received by the carrier, it arrived in customs in like 17 hours; then 12 hours later arrived at my door. Pick Dhl shipping (was like 9 bucks). Now onto. The device.... the only flaw; you have to buy your batteries separate. I ordered four new ones for this and my regular device the Plato. Also, order some extra radial coils; because you know you won’t find them near you for some time. Device, just works very intuitively. It’s like if you compared other touch screen phones to one another... for how my brain works, the GUI interface makes sense and you can NOT accidentally mess it up when using like other touch screen mods. I have the white one. Also, so everyone knows, this isn’t like the Plato with a metal casing, the color chamber you have options of seems like a type of acrylic plastic (similar to what old white Mack books were covered in). Pretty sure if you beat up the housing that you can just use metal polish to buff out the stainless steel trim, and can use acrylic polish to buff out the plastic housing. If you loved how the Plato fits your hand grip... you will absolutely love this grip feel better. Dimensionally without the tank, the unit is close in size to the Plato, just a bit more girthy. Highly recommend this device. The tank reminds me vape and flavor wise of a drip unit... and you can technically use the unit in that manner as well... just pull off the drip tip, coat the top side of the coil, let it wick and use (about 4-10 puffs) depending on your style before wickin up again.

Eric Collins
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