Aspire USB Charger(optional)

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Specification 1:

Input: DC 5V 500mA;

Output: DC 4.2V;420 mA

Specification 2:

Input: DC 5V 1200mA

Output: DC 4.2V 1000mA 

 Purchase suggestion:If the capacity of the battery is less than 2000mAh,we suggest customers to choose specification 1 charger;

If the capacity of the battery  is equal or greater than 2000mAh,we suggest customers to choose specification 2 charger.  

Notice:If customers choose specification 2 charger,when customers want to plug our USB charger to wall adaptor to charge the battery, 

in order to protect the adaptor and get better charging experience,please make sure the output current of the adaptor is greater than 1000mA.


Customer Reviews

Come on we all have a bunch or a few of these type of chargers laying around? I kinda questioned my sanity ordering another one. Took a chance and not sorry about it at all. This is a good quality charger that out performs the description. The material is durable and doesn't have that cheap "get free with your kit" feel. Go ahead and order it, you won't be sorry and you'll be very glad you did :)

Tori Huffman

How can you have an Aspire battery and use some unbranded piece of junk charger. Fork over the change and get an authentic Aspire charger.

Joseph Sokolowski

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