Writing review and sharing the page to win Aspire new products

Do you like the new Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit? Do you want to try the revolutionary new ARC coil?
Here is your chance to win:
Writing a review of the SkyStar Revvo Kit on the product page of Aspire's online store, then sharing the link in your social media to win new products
Date: 6th -17th December, 2017(Ends at 11:00pm 17th December, Beijing time)
How to enter:
Login to the Aspire online store, Please go the SkyStar Revvo Kit page of the Aspire online store(http://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-skystar-revvo-kit-p-274.html), then complete the two actions below:
1.First write a review for the SkyStar Revvo kit on this page(http://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-skystar-revvo-kit-p-274.html)
2.Share this page(http://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-skystar-revvo-kit-p-274.html) to your social media.
Winners and Gifts::
4 lucky winners will receive an Aspire SkyStar Revvo kit
2 lucky winners will get an Aspire Revvo tank
The color will be chosen at random
Please send your social media shared information to tina@aspirecig.com we will check on the 18th December, 2017 and will announce the winners on the Aspire online store (online.aspirecig.com), the more times you share across your social media means more chances you have to win the kit.